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    How should I tell my parents?

    i wanted to be a dentist but after getting my GCSE's I'm doubting me. (I got 5 GCSE's no A* and only 1A). I didn't know what I wanted doing my GCSE's and during the summer break, I knew I wanted this. But now, I don't see the point.
    Im depressed, self harming and can't focus on anything. I just want a job and a place of my own...

    i go to a private 6th form. And my parents are worried. I haven't been performing well. Should I tell them I want to drop out? They want to meet my teachers and chat...

    Yes you should tell them, without a doubt. You shouldn't really stress too much about not doing A Levels. Many employers are worried about the amount of graduates who come to them for a job without work experience. Also if it is making you ill/depressed/self-harm then you need to stop. Don't do things that make you unhappy that is just a rule of thumb. Your parents will understand don't worry about it... getting a place of your own might be a bit more difficult but I'm sure you can figure that out.

    i wish you good luck!

    Talk to them. Tell them that there's something serious you need to discuss and get them to sit down with you and listen, or if that's too difficult, try writing down what you want to say to them. Explain what's bothering you, what the problem is and what you'd like to do about it. I don't know your parents and how understanding they are but if you explain yourself clearly to them (and especially if you tell them you've already thought of alternatives or solutions) they should at least hear you out. Meeting your teachers and chatting also sounds like a good idea as maybe that can help you with deciding which course to take -- whether to change something, carry on for a while longer or just drop out completely.

    If you're really unhappy with this and sure that it's pointless there is no reason why you shouldn't change your mind and decide to do something else instead. If you can get a job, that's great, but you could also always try something like college or home study. (Which A levels are you doing, by the way? Are there any that you enjoy at all?)

    As for the depression and self harm, that's another thing you should really talk to them (or at least someone) about. I don't know if it's the school situation or something else making you feel that way, but it's probably a sign that something does need to change.

    What would your ideal situation be - staying in school (but with other changes) or moving on from it?

    Hi OP,

    Sounds as if you're really suffering!

    Your mental health must come first.
    Please tell your parents /GP about this.

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    I think you should probably give it one last shot and if its still not working out, go for an easier course? or something that interests you? working without qualifications isn't that easy.. you dont really get very many decent jobs.. employers want somebody with experience but they also want somebody whose got some type of qualifications. I'm talking from experience. if you really want to do dentistry, try looking for an access course?

    and go to the doctor! it might be worth talking to your parents and telling them how you feel!

    dont stress and dont make decisions quickly!

    good luck!

    I went through a similiar thing this year. I got good grades but when I started sixth form I hated it and have dropped out. Also last year I struggled with my GCSE's which resulted in self harm. My parents were really dissappointed that I left but they understand that it isnt the best thing for me right now. Now I am doing an apprenticeship in a solicitors office and absolutely love it. I do plan on applying to do a BTEC course next year once I feel more ready to pursue education.

    Remember that you can continue education it doesn't have to be this year. Search for an apprenticeship or do another course. I would advise you not to get a job that has no training included. There are many apprenticeships available in a variety of fields including dental nursing. Do what makes you happy.*

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