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Basically, as are my other threads, this is a bit random.

But... do you ever get those "things" that bother you really bad? Like you can't sot thinking about before you go to bad and as soon as you wake up? Do you want somebody else's opinion? Express it! Absolutely anything that's bothering you or you want to talk about comment below and hopefully myself and the community can try and clear it through with you.

I'm going to kick start with one that's more of a "theory". It's off my friend Georgia but I weirdly agree.

So, she believes most girls are bisexual. I mean... from the girls I've spoken to, they've all "thought" about it but taken it no further. But, of course not?! Because most people aren't totally accepting of it. Sure, they won't judge you to your face but you'll never know what they think inside, right? So.. do you think most girls have the thoughts and ability to love both sexes? Just depends who they meet? Lesbian crushes are often brushed off as a trending "#girlcrush" or "just a joke" but is it? Let's talk about it!

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

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