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    Basically, I'm alright at spelling and stuff like that, but I kind of struggle copying all the digits off my calculator. I am much better at saying what I want to say/argue than writing it down in essays and it costs me marks and I don't know how to fix it. I can't line up straight lines (what I mean is I need to trace it with my finger, the other day we were copying graphs off the board and I had to physically go up and trace up the points with my finger because I couldn't see it. It's the same with timetables and music scores.). The last one is probably the most problematic at the moment, I do 2 sciences and maths at A-Level and it makes graph and table reading/plotting take so much longer.

    Is there something wrong or do I just need better concentration? I'd like to know, because I'm sometimes the butt of the joke with things like the graph reading and it's a bit frustrating.

    Thank you.

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    Hi OP,

    Would ask to be referred to an educational psychologist via your school ASAP. They are the experts at assessing and diagnosing and helping with problems like this.

    There are a vast variety of learning difficulties - all of which have varying degrees of impact on your ability to study effectively.

    It sounds like a very specific aspect you're having difficulty with.

    I really would get this assessed as soon as you can. There may be some very specific help that could be given to help you.

    Also I would flag up this difficulty with your tutor - so they are aware and can make any necessary adjustments. I know some people with specific difficulties such as dyslexia are able to have additional time in assessments.

    Good luck!

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