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Hi there,
Chester is one of the Unis i'm looking at and I went to the open day yesterday but am looking for an honest student view on what the social/night life is like!
If anyone can help that'd be great.
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Ahh, this classic question...

Monday night there are two options, Student Beans at Cruise and House Party at Rosie's. The majority of students go to Beans, though House Party is cheaper. Beans is more dancey, House Party is cheesier and eclectic.
Tuesday-Metal Pig/Gender Blender at Rosie's. Rock night and Gay night on two separate floors. Whichever floor takes your fancy, you'll be made welcome, and once Metal Pig is done, it's quite common for people to make our way downstairs to join in at Gender Blender.
Wednesday-GetOnIt at Rosie's. A huge student orientated night, usually themed, and quite common to see all the different societies drinking together. Great atmosphere.
Thursday-Three in a Bed or Propaganda. Three In a Bed consists of buying a drink from two different places getting a voucher from each, and gEt into Rosie's free. Propaganda is a bit of an Indy night that's become rather popular and is at Cruise.
Friday-SU Friday is pretty much THE only place to be on a Friday. Cheap drinks, great variety of music supplied by our former SU President DJ Deccy J, and a convenient burger van. Usually packed. The other alternative is Grind at The Phoenix. Bar, for a great rock night.
Saturday and Sunday tend to be quietist, tends to be house parties and so on as during the weekend, prices go up and the city gets flooded with non students. Sundays if I recall tend to alternate between a quiz at the SU and Poker.

So that's the agenda, now for the reality...
Chester does only have two clubs, Cruise and Rosie's. However for night life, don't let this put you off, bearing in mind there are also multiple bars with dance floors as well, notable being Revolution, Off the Wall, Havana's, and Missoula. At nights during the weekend, it's not worth going out in town as it's expensive and packed, though apparently everyone should experience one day at the races. Manchester and Liverpool are also pretty local, though it's cheaper to get a cheap hotel room as a group than taxi it back. Unfortunately we've just lost our cinema, the nearest one being in Cheshire Oaks which DOES have a pretty regular bus service till around midnight, and as a whole, the atmosphere is great. Even old farts like myself managed to find somewhere I liked, all you crazy kids with your beats and your hip de hop...
There's also a shedload of societies to join, from Archery to Quidditch, Anime to Football, Rowing, winter sports...

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