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    So i'm just curious...

    Yesterday outside my mum's house I was starting up my 125cc motorbike (not a cheap one either!). At the end of the street there is a family of chavs but we don't have problems with them really, but they hang round the street quite a lot. Well basically whilst starting it up two kids of about 14? ran over and started asking me about the bike. So I was giving general answers (nothing specific) just wanting to get the hell outta dodge.

    Well basically they started trying to start up the bike and rev the engine and then tried to hit me off the bike and rob the keys whilst in the ignition. Then I noticed an 18ish year old running over so I just took off as fast as I could, almost knocking into the 18 year old guy and partially dragging one of the kids along the street as he was clutching the handlebar.

    It was mental because I had a bike helmet on, i'm 6ft2 and quite fit/built and have gloves on too.

    Question is, could I have justified pushing/hitting these kids in self defence? Or actually ploughing into the 18 year old guy?

    Would you ring the police if they were part of a 20+ army of chavs who happen to live on your mum's road = potential hassle for your mum?

    I have a scary feeling that I would have been prosecuted for defending my property here because they were kids even though they were trying to rob the keys. Even if they were just trying to get the keys to piss me off, they were still trying to accelerate it into a car or something stupid.

    First of all I understand, it was all heat of the moment, these kids had no rights to attempt to steal your bike, as for hitting, did you actually beat him up or just trying to get him of the bike, if he hit you first you have a right to self defence with a reasonable amount of force that they gave you, it doesn't matter if they were kids, a robbery is still a robbery, they may have of course tried to piss you off, but you never know if he ran away with your keys, your possesion. As for your mum, I don't know if they'd hassle here, however these people work in packs, they might be wanting revenge, I'm not going to lie I'd be quite scared if there was a large group that lived down my mum street, if you do think they may be a threat, explain to the police, everything, however then again they may take it the wrong way if they got into big trouble to.
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