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    I'm really stuck on answering an exam question that I was set for homework. I've asked my friends and they do not know. So I was wondering if anyone could help me? I just need one or two ideas on how the cosmological argument can have value for religious people.
    Thanks guys!

    Hi there,

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    Not sure what all of this is about? Head here to find out more.

    Can be valuable as it provides believers with another reason to see God as omnipotent, all-powerful as it provides an explanation of why He is needed and how he causes the movement in the universe. A posteriori argument so draws on the world we experience directly and thus can be strong because we observe the effects. But Aquinas makes a fallacy of composition as he states that just because we can see some things in movement/having a cause, then EVERYTHING must have a cause which is not true. Can be included in a cumulative argument with other arguments for God's existence to give value altogether to advocates of religious faith. But do ten bad arguments make a good one?

    Can't have value as you already need to believe that God is all-powerful and can do such a thing that the unmoved mover needs to do, if you believe it is a different entity then the argument for God's existence is irrelevant. Other religions that do not believe in the God of classical theism (Post-modernist religion, Buddhism, etc) won't see it as having as much value. Lost value in modern society as it was simply used as a God of the Gaps to explain things we did not understand with God, modern science theories like the Big Bang and Steady State theory allow the gaps in our knowledge to be filled.

    Mainly valuable to people who already believe in God because it can provide an explanation for why God is the prime-mover and how this comes about but to secular people has little value so doesn't have value in the sense that it could provide a convincing argument to defend religious faith to the non-believer/convince them to adopt religion.

    Here are two essays that you could read as examples http://www.philosophicalinvestigatio...25-cosmo-essay

    and here http://www.philosophicalinvestigatio...gical-argument

    and if your still struggling here is a essay plan http://www.philosophicalinvestigatio...1049-strengths

    Hope this helps
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Updated: November 28, 2013

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