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I am currently studying a chemistry degree and am not enjoying it. I am finding the work really difficult, and have no motivation to work outside of lectures. I don't know what to do. I don't know whether to carry on, and see if things improve, or drop out and re-apply for a different degree next year. I have A-Levels in biology, chemistry, physics and English Language and Literature, and considering changing degree paths completely to do an English literature degree. If I drop out now, I also want to make sure I use my time off wisely, as I would like to study postgraduate medicine but I just cannot see myself doing three years of chemistry in order to get there. Advice needed pleased!
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Do you know what course you would like to do instead, and is it offered at your uni? If so, it may very well be possible to swap into that rather than having to reapply. You'd need to speak to your academic advisor about this.
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I did this. Twice.. I applied for english, withdrew. Applied for history, went to university, then left because I wanted to do geography.. Needless to say I'm not very decisive.

I think you could try and see whether you can swap courses, although if it's as radical as changing from chemistry to english it may be less likely they let you change.

I think it would be ok to drop out, I think there's a stigma associated with it, however, it's not worth suffering through three years of commitment if it's not something you want or will gain from. I think as long as you have a plan to reapply and do something useful with your time off, which you seem to do, it wouldn't be a disaster to drop out and reapply.

Another thing to consider - if you are not enjoying your chemistry degree, will it be likely you will cope or enjoy postgraduate medicine? If no, then it might be best to drop the chemistry degree. If you still think you'd like to do postgraduate medicine, you'll have to weigh up whether three years of enduring chemistry is worth it.

One more thing - do you have any time to do or have you done any reading in the past which might indicate whether you'll enjoy an english literature degree? I found that reading really helped me figure out what I wanted to study. I'm only saying this because it might be worth doing a bit of reading to figure out whether you like english enough to do a degree in it. You don't want to drop out, go and study english, and then figure out you dislike it as much as chemistry.

Hope this helped somewhat .

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