Anyone with an office job notice that office politics is horrendous. Watch

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Since graduating i've went from my part time job in the kitchens to an office job and i've noticed office politics is stupidly bad and talking to other people in office jobs i get the impression it's not just me.

I've noticed in offices everyone looks out for their own interests and there is no teamwork unless it suits them. When I was in the kitchens everyone helped everyone no matter how high up or low down someone was.

A lot of my jobs involve asking various people for help or to do stuff. I have to update the website which involves getting information on different services from various managers. Im creating a central document register which involves getting documents from various staff, i'm doing an internal quality assessment ready for an audit which involves sitting down with certain staff members. The hoops I have to jump through just to get people to sit down with me and go through certain stuff is frustrating. In the kitchens I would ask someone to do something for me and they'd say either yes or 'not now i can do it in 20mins when i have free time'. Issue solved.

This week has highlighted another example. We have another centre which is funded slightly differently and as such they have their own website and different brand guidelines etc. This website is also out of date so the chief executive emailed me and copied in the centre manager + assistant and basically said that it needs updating here's what I would like it to look like and contain etc.
So to kick start things I take their homepage copy it on to word and make a couple of minor changes (two headings and the contact details which changed when they moved office, the home page was generally spot on otherwise) and then emailed this draft off to the centre managers to see what they thought and to get their opinion. The centre manager then goes crying to the chief exec who gives me a *******ing for ... im not entirely sure what the issue was tbh as she said i was making too many changes and i've got to keep it the same. My line manager overheard this and was chatting to me about and it and concluded that no harm had been done and he couldn't see the fuss. The only thing was one of the headings was inappropriate because of the branding rules but it's an issue that could have been resolved by the centre manager emailing me and saying "this should say this". It's so frustrating cos i didn't actually make the changes and i was just kick starting the planning process so I could get an idea of what they wanted so i could do the work and let them get on with their work which they have deemed "more important". Now I feel like i don't have a clue how to approach this task because I feel like the centre manager will spazz off to mummy every time i make a suggestion (yeah she's the bosses daughter that's the only reason she got the job she's an absolute ****wit with a deluded sense of self-importance)

To sum up. Office politics is absolute *******s.

Anyone else feel the same?

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