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How do I leave her alone? watch

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    I like my flatmate and I know this sounds stupid, but I can't let her go. She has a boyfriend now but I still can't move on.

    I've been talking to my other flatmate about this and asking silly questions like, "do you think they'll break up" or "what do you think she will do if I randomly hug her"?

    The other flatmate said I was being creepy and I asked her how, and she sent me this reply, "What will she do if I randomly hug her. When will ____ and her boyfriend break up? Why wont she message me back. GABE BACK OF AND LEAVE ____ ALONE!!!"

    So how do I leave her alone? Even though we're flatmates I haven't talked to her at all for over a month now and only sent her a 'hey' on Facebook yesterday but she didn't reply. (I don't know why she didn't reply, I haven't done anything to her or anything)
    I think my other flatmate meant 'leave her alone' as in not think about her, but how do I do that?

    Don't talk about her relationship to other people. You really shouldn't be asking people when other people will break up...
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    You'd have to get a gf

    Maybe she didnt reply to your fb message as you didnt talk to her in over a month?

    Anyway, you sound a little obsessed over her which isn't healthy.

    Ask for a room transfer if you're unable to stop focusing on her.

    You sound a bit too obsessed with her. And yes you really shouldn't be asking people anyone on whether they think they'll break up....:/ she has a boyfriend, I suggest you leave her alone. Go outside and meet new people, try and meet new girls or hang out with a new group maybe? You have to accept the fact that she has a boyfriend and move on...

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    She's your flat mate but you havn't spoken to her in a month??? wtf? And that would explain why she didn't reply to your fb message. Also not speaking to her in a month counts as "leaving her alone" in my books, but may I ask how you are so into her if you havn't even seen her in a month?

    None of this really makes any sense tbh...
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