If you broke your leg Would it hurt if you had a metal bar in your leg ? Watch

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My Nan was 69 when she broke her leg after slipping on an embankment 4 years ago. her bones were bad anyway as she has been an ongoing smoker for the past 40 years so when she slipped , it resulted in her breaking her leg, she had a metal bar and rods put in her leg.
at first she couldn't walk and after a while she began to shuffle, now she can walk but she still shuffles a fair bit, it's been 4 years since she fell and she won't go anywhere outdoors now unless accompanied.

She never complains about her legs though, she rubs cream on them each day to keep the skin from getting to dry.

My Mum told me a few weeks back that my Nan told her 2 years ago that she is in constant pain with her legs ,

I don't know if she still gets bad pain, I'm guessing it will be at least a little painful still, what do you think, do you think she will still be in a lot of pain ?

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