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    APPARENTLY, they think i'm annoying because I dont go for a night out with them and they think that I seem to be making excuses e.g. doing uni stuff (which is true that i need to do my uni work!) whenever they ask me. I mean to be honest, I'm not really a boring person. I do go out, I've been to a night out with them multiple times. It's just this past few weeks that I haven't been able to go out because I have things that I need to prioritise first which are far more important.

    NOTE: my course is too practical and I end up being always tired. I tried to explain them that my course is just too practical and I always get tired but they dont seem to be buying it. They think tht im makign excuses because i dont want to be with them-- which i think is a bit daft.

    Additionally, I'm not really a type of person that is a major fan of night outs. As i said I do go to night outs, but obviously if there are important things that requires prioritising first then obviosuly I need to do it.Also, they said that they want me to drink, and be "off my face".

    I understand tht it's the fun side and social side that they are giving me but I'm not really a type of person tht would spend money (especially when money is budgeted) to waste on drinks and make myself sick and to be laughed at. That's NOT ME, I cant force myself to do things that I wont find enjoyable and most importantly, NOT ME. Basically theyre telling me what to do and I dont get it why is it such a big deal to them if i dont go out with them or drink or be drunk or choose WHATEVER DECISION I MAKE.

    Whenever I try to explain myself to them they wont listen to my opinion/side and they seem to be the ones who have the guts to get mad :/

    They seem incredibly unreasonable. I know its always good to remain friends with your flatmates, but in this case, if they cannot be understanding towards you, just ignore them until they leave you alone.

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    If you've told them why you don't go out and they won't listen, there isn't a lot more you can do. If they can't accept it, that's their problem. I had this problem with a friend of mine a few weeks ago, we ended up having a pretty big argument about it. He's since backed down lol.

    Perhaps you should invite them out for food or something, nothing that will take up too much time or money, but something that shows that it's not them.

    Honestly, stop caring. There are way more important things in life.
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