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Would I know if I blacked out and something happened? watch

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    I want to mention right off the bat that I have anxiety so chances are this is me freaking out over nothing, but I was hoping to get confirmation on whether or not I'm being irrational right now.

    So I've never had sex, but I've been on the pill for 4 months now and missed my last period (it's been about a week and a half since it was supposed to start), which I thought was weird since it had been making my periods regular. But I figured there was nothing to worry about since there was no chance I could be pregnant.

    But then I started thinking about it more, and I have been drunk a number of times and maybe there's a chance something happened and I don't remember it? Like 2 times I've been hanging out with a friend when we were both drunk, and the first time we were cuddling but then I left, and the second time he kissed me but that's all that happened as I remember it. I don't think I have any gaping holes in my memory from either of those two nights, but I've been freaking out about the idea that maybe something happened and I woke up not remembering it.

    So is there any chance that I could lose my virginity while blacked out, wake up not knowing it had blacked out, and now be pregnant? Or is this just my anxiety getting the best of me?

    Anxiety can be difficult to deal with, because it takes away your rationality. It’s good that you’re understanding that this might be your anxiety talking…to me, it sounds like this is the case.
    Firstly, you need to remember that it can take a while for your body to get used to being on the pill, and so the first six months or so can be quite erratic. Just because it seemed to be regulating you already, doesn’t mean that your body is already used to it.
    Secondly, I’m almost certain that, whilst I guess it’s technically possible for you to blackout and not remember sex, you would almost certainly have some side effects of this happening, giving you reason to think it. For example, bruising, or feeling sore. I think this may be even more so if you were a virgin, because the penetration would have that much more of an impact on your body.
    You haven’t mentioned how long ago this happened…if you still have major concerns, I would probably speak to a GP, or take a test in two weeks’ time, just to get rid of the concern and anxiety about it all. I guess all in all, the odds of this having happened are quite low, particularly if you’re saying that this person is your friend. Equally, with specific regards to getting pregnant, assuming you have been taking the pill properly, then your chances would again, be slim. But remember if you’re throwing up etc within a few hours of taking it, then it will be less effective, so be careful about how drunk you get/the timing of taking the pill.
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