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    I'm an EU applicant and I've applied to Oxford and 4 other universities for physics, and I am confused as to how offers work (this question is specifically about Oxford).

    1. Can they only give you offers for 3 classes? I have pretty much only seen stuff like AAB/A*A*A/etc. on this site, so I'm wondering if they can give you offers for 3 classes at most (meaning they can't ask for like 4 classes).

    2. Can you be absolutely certain for which classes you're gonna get an offer, assuming you get one? I am guessing mine are physics (100%), math (100%) and further math (almost sure), but I am in doubt whether or not further math could be replaced by chemistry. I am kind of worrying because my further math grade is higher than my chemistry grade at the moment.

    This is quite a pressing issue, because I've just finished my examinations week and I am quite sure I bombed both chemistry and math (probably 40% ish for chemistry and 60-70% ish for math), because I was already extremely fatigued by studying for the PAT, and there have been renovations in my flat this past month, so there are workers drilling from 7:00-19:00 everyday, roughly. My grades as they were last year, using an equivalency table were A*A*AA (further math/physics/math/chemistry), but since I bombed chem/math, it's bound to go down.

    However, luckily I am able to retake one of the 2. If I retake math, I will probably have A*A*A* with a C (with a lil' bit of luck a B) for chemistry, but if I retake I'll have an A*A*A* with a B for math. Of course, if I find out on this forum that uni's won't give me an offer for chem but for math, I will not think twice about retaking math instead of chem. Should I?

    It depends. The tutors have quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to giving out offers and how specific they want to be.

    1. Typically, for A-Levels, they only give an offer based on three - however they can, if they wish, give an offer based on four (if you're doing four however, from what I've seen, it's very uncommon for them to do this)

    2. Yes, it's very unlikely they'll specifically ask for chemistry. The offer for A-Levels is entirely dependent on maths, further maths and physics so this is what I'd expect they'd give you an offer based on, if they decide to make you an offer.

    Having said this, if you're not doing A-Levels (and from what I gather, you are not) it may work slightly differently.

    So for physics you need a combined total of A*AA that's 3 subjects so 3 grades. any more is considered a bonus and nothing more.
    The way it works is that you MUST get one of the following combinations:

    A* Physics / A Maths / A in any other subject
    A Physics / A* Maths / A in any other subject
    A Physics / A Maths / A* Further Maths

    If you have done 4 subjects they will the three most relevant to Physics first but will still look at the fourth - though it is not essential to the criteria.
    Please also remember that getting into Oxford is more than just about the grades, They are used to set the expected academic benchmark for those that apply, The PAT and potential interview will hold substantial weight in the admissions process.

    Please also remember that once you have applied you can not change your mind, unless you reapply next year and as you 100% need at least an A in Maths, your end decision seems somewhat easy....
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