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I'm wanting to apply to The University of Leeds for Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, they're asking for ABB with no specified subjects needed. In my AS year I achieved ACCC (Law, English lit, Spanish and Psychology). My predicted grades are ABB. I had to drop Spanish because I was scared I wouldn't be able to achieve a B in it, will this affect my chances? They're also asking for at least a C in a language at GCSE and I achieved a C in Spanish and a B in French at GCSE. (In my GCSE's I achieved 6 B's, 2 C's, 2 A's (1 short course), a distinction and a merit). I'm also applying to the University of Manchester who want ABB-BBC. D'you think I could get in with a good personal statement and a good reference? Thanks
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You've got a decent chance of getting in.

However, I would suggest that you make sure that it would be possible to drop Arabic and just continue with ME studies if it becomes appropriate. Given your past performance at GCSE and AS in languages, there's a significant possibility that you'll struggle with Arabic, so check you have an escape route.

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