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I know this is a little early but I was wondering if someone could help me with a few Qs I have about loans and grants for mature students.

Okay, I am 23, will be 24 when I go to university (hopefully) and am really confused about student finance. I was under the impression that, although right now I live with my parents, because I have worked full time for over 3 years for a piddly £10k a year I was entitled to a grant. However, I can not seem to find any evidence online to back this up, which is terrifying me. I thought that, as I am older, my parents (who are not helping me out financially other than living with them) income would not be included. But I can't seem to find anything online about this!

I am worried because the cost of accomodation is freaking me out and from the looks of it I will be living off barely anything a week after paying rent, without a grant, which I also thought was on top of the maintenance loan.
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You just need to provide as much proof as possible. You should be able to get grant. I believe the minimum amount was £7500 a year. So you should be alright. As long as you provide p60, payslips and any other evidence you should be alright. Give them a call when they open application in February.

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