Feel out of place with friends :(! So annoying! Watch

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Don't get me wrong i love all my friends to bits but all they ever seem to talk about is all the parties they've been at or the nights out they're going on!

Im only 16 (my friends are mostly 18/19) so im too young to get into any clubs and dont drink so can never join in the conversation about the best clubs and bars and the best places to go!

Im basically just starting to feel a bit out of place. And i dont want to say to them to stop talking about t because obviously they are able to go out so are going to talk about it! We do talk about other things, its not like its always about them but yeah, its just getting me down that im too young to join in ! Any advice?

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Well you will just have to wait I guess. Wait till you are 18 when you are allowed to go to the clubs and drink with them. I also have friends like this, I am 18 and I go to clubs with them but I don't drink so I know what it feels like to be left out when they all talk about how much they drank or how bad their hangover was. All I do is try to join in and my friends acknowledge that I don't drink so they try to get me involved in their conversations and don't leave me out. If your friends are true friends then they will understand how left out you feel.

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