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I'm currently studying in the US on my exchange year abroad, and am eligible for the travel grant offered by Student Finance England (I've already sorted this out prior to leaving for my exchange year - so it's all been approved and what not).

My question is that FS10 fact sheet states that I am eligible to be reimbursed for three return flights (minus the first £303). I am only intending to use two of those return flights. I have already purchased the first return flight (flying over to where I'm studying and then coming back home to visit for Christmas).

However, with the second return flight I intend on going back to my university in the US in January, and then flying back to the UK at the end of the year in July (or perhaps later should there be any other changes in my plans). At the moment I don't have a date set for when I intend on flying back home at the end of my exchange year (since it's about 8 months away, I don't really know what could happen) - I was wondering if Student Finance will reimburse the flight tickets if I buy a one-way flight, and then another one-way back later on during the year (of course I will be opting for the most economical options available), or if it would be required that I purchase a return flight right now.

Another option is that I could purchase a return flight, but then alter the date later on in the year with the airline; but of course I will be incurring alternation fees etc - will SFE be able to cover these costs?

Hopefully I haven't worded it too confusingly and you can shed some light on this matter!

Thank you!
Mark Lee - SFE Official Adviser
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Hi there,

Student Finance England will reimburse any reasonable travel costs.

Normally if 2 one way flights are purchased you would have to demonstrate that this is the cheapest option available to you.

If not we would only then reimburse the cost of a normal return flight.

We would not cover any amendments to flight times/dates unless you were able to evidence that you were required to stay longer for your course.


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