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Most of the jobs I am applying to have a group assessment or task, and I am really bad at them. When I ask for feedback it's always the group element where I fail. At the most recent one I was told that my one to one interview was extremely good, and I had detailed answers, and they would have given me the job if it was just the interview, but my performance in the group task was the problem.
I have tried to use the feedback each time to improve, and I have looked into online guides, but there always seems to be something. Does anyone have any advice on how to succeed at group Assessments?

I attended one last year that was very intense (this was for a job that I really wanted) and there were a lot of older candidates with a lot of management experience and I just got destroyed. I am doing this one again in a few weeks and I have another one coming up for one of my other main options, and I really don't want to mess it up again. I'm not really sure how to be good at these exercises, and there never seems to be a chance to say much, and my points never seem to get much attention. How do I make my points stand out in these discussions?

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