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I feel alone, not the type when you are lonely, and have no one to talk to. But when you have been followed, watched, and listened to, for so long that it becomes normal, and when they do finally disappear, it is strange. You feel alone.

When Sapphire Greene goes missing from her village, nothing is expected except a hormonal teenager, but it is far more serious than that. The one question is, will she survive?

Chapter 1

I squint, the light burns my eyes as I step further out into the glaring sun, gradually getting further away from the refreshing shade. A fly lands on my sticky, sweaty legs, attempting to offload its disgusting germs on my skin. I swat it with one swift slap, leaving an orangey mark on my pale skin. i bolt my head to the right, as I detect movement within the shadows. I stand there and stare for a moment before deciding that there is nothing there. I amble on, admiring the beautiful oak trees, looming high above my head. I snap a twig off a branch and whip the knee high grass with it, wishing I was a tree. Trees are so beautiful; they loom high above everyone and everything, leaders of the village. They are the big friendly giants, they are the homes to animals, and they are my friends.
I creep up to the front door, trying not to cause a disturbance to next doors dogs. I pause, I can faintly hear mum talking with someone, I slowly edge to the living room window, to try and hear her better. After a few moments I realise that she is on the phone;
“Yes, I know Rodger, but…..alright, next Wednesday it is…” I dart behind the cover of the porch, I don’t think she saw me, my heart is pounding heavily, I am surprised no one can hear it. After my heart has slowed to its normal rate again, and I can hear the noise around me, I edge towards the window, in an attempt to hear her conversation, but before I reach the window a hand clamps down on my shoulder. I let out a yelp. I slowly swivel my eyes to look up at the creased face that belongs to my mother, avoiding eye contact. She must have seen me, how else would she have known to come out here? She grabs my blouse and drags me into the house, muttering the whole way.
“That is it, young lady! That is the final straw! You are grounded! You hear me?” She has gone mad, she isn’t happy at all, but what did I do wrong?

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