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    So I recently started taking the pill and I have no idea what to expect. I started taking it the first day of my period but it was weird. I stared bleeding normally for 2 days, then it stopped for half a day then came back for a day and then I finished. I've taken it at the same time every day pretty much, apart from when I've had a lie-in and taken it like 2 hours later but my doctor told me I have a 12 hour window to take it in. I haven't missed any pills though! I've came to the end of my pack and I'm on day 3 and still haven't had my bleed yet. My boyfriend and I had sex the day of the last pill and we didn't use a condom, he tried to withdraw but wasn't quick enough so some sperm did goes inside me and I'm a bit worried. Do I have reason to be? Also we had sex a few times before this without a condom but there was only really pre-***.

    The weird bleeding is totally normal to begin with. If you started on the first day of your period and have been taking it properly then you should be protected. The 12 hour window is correct for most brands of pills - a pill isn't counted as missed unless it's over 12 hours late. However, it's definitely best to take the pill as close to the same time as possible, so you're doing well there.

    You said you're now on day 3 - do you mean day 3 of your break week? If so, don't worry too much yet! Some people will start their withdrawal bleed very early on in there break week, others will find that it doesn't start for a few days. If you get to the end of your break week and still haven't come on when you start taking the new pack, then take a pregnancy test.

    Give the leaflet a thorough read, too - it's important to understand how the pill works and what can affect it.
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