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No ambition, no idea, no motivation, graduating in June/July... I need help!! watch

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    I am due to graduate this coming June/July. I originally began university in the Japanese Studies degree course, but due to a horrific exam in the second year I had to switch to to an 'East Asian Studies' degree course instead.

    Here's a bit of background: The truth is, I never even planned on coming to university as I'm now 25 and hadn't even got through college until I was 23 because I just couldn't stick at it (in fact, I had to attempt 3 times before I actually realised how important it became to get through and pass). Then, since I actually did so well and it was the norm, I decided to give university a go (not even believing I could make it all the way through) and took up Japanese Studies as I LOVE THE LANGUAGE. In fact, I was very happy with the course until that terrible exam, and the switch to East Asian Studies meant I missed out on the year abroad to Japan and I got catapulted to final year before I could even think about what lied ahead.

    Now, it is time to apply for jobs for next year, but I have become so disorientated that I've probably missed the chance to apply for many jobs already. I have had many, many jobs in the past that I've hated, which also contributes to my lack of motivation for applying all over again. The only job I genuinely enjoyed, was working at a theme park as a rollercoaster operator for 5 years... it was like a dream!! But, it pays badly so I need to move on. I do feel like I would love to have a job in a theme park business, but there aren't any job openings at the moment. So, what on earth should I do in the meantime?

    I'm aware that many graduates with East Asian Studies choose the route of teaching English in Japan, which I'd imagine I'd get excited about, but for some reason, I don't! Probably because I've never even thought about working as a teacher among kids before... I always used to imagine myself getting as far away from education as possible once I'd finished with it! I also know that if I don't enjoy my job, I will have a tendency to slack.

    Oh my god, I feel like I'm a nightmare but these are issues that I think I need help with and I'd be so grateful if someone could help me, please because this is a huge changing point in mine and anyone's life who's graduating, and when you don't even have a path, it's very, very daunting especially when other people seem to know what they want to do!!
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    Does anyone know how to help me?

    If you want to work in a theme park, work in a theme park.

    It's pretty well established that the prime requisite for working at EuroDisney is how many languages you speak; well above any consideration of whether or not you can actually do the job or not.

    Otherwise, if you want to travel, I'm sure you'd have no problem scoring a job in an asian theme park. Legoland Malaysia or Universal Studios Singapore (although cost of living might be an issue there).

    TEFL includes teaching a lot of adults. You can avoid kids if you want to and it's a good way to spend your time until you do decide what you want to do.
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