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I'm currently in my first year of university, having just started in September.
I already want to change university. My problem is not so much my course, but the university and actual place that I don't like. I got in through clearing and made a rushed decision to go here. The thing is, I would want to do a similar course because it's what I'm interested in, I'm just not happy here. Is it pointless to change university and stick with a similar course?
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If you don't like the place, it's bound to affect your ability to study and perform well on the course. I couldn't stand living in a city for 3-4 years hating the place I was studying at, it would be such a drain. You should consider talking to your tutor or staff at the university and making your concerns clear with them. They should be able to support you and are unlikely to force you to stay just so they can have your money.

It might be advisable to do this soon though. If you do decide to leave, try to do it before Christmas so you won't get the January student loan and the university won't get your money for the course and this could save you money when it comes to repayments in the future. You will also be able to reapply to universities before the deadline and will be able to better work out where you want to go as you have your grades in front of you and have time to look around.

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