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hey ppl im currently at birmingham city university doing accounting and finance but i really want to go to a diff. univeristy. i got ABC in my alevels but am retaking two to get AAB overall so i cn apply to aston in 2014 but my parents dont want me to start yr one again. BUT i really wna move uni's as bcu's ranking is pretty low and id rather spend the fees money on getting a degreee from a good uni like aston. do u guys think i shuld stay at bcu n try get a first n then apply to LSE for masters? or move to aston n get a first n go to top uni like LSE for masters? which of the two options would increase my chances of being accepted into either LSE or LSBF? plus what are the job prospects fo getting degree from bcu? plzzzz let me kno thankyou for any feedback
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Stay at BCU, focus on getting a first or a 2.1 at least and relevant work experience.

It's not worth changing universities based on reputation alone.

Employers will look at your grades, work experience, positions of responsibility held, evidence of team-work, time-management and communication skills, initiative etc before looking at what university you went to.

Ignore league tables! I assess applications for engineering internships- I haven't looked at a league table in about three years and have no plans to. I would much sooner recruit someone from a lower ranking university who had good grades and relevant work experience than someone who went to oxbridge and came out with a 2.1 and nothing else.

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