Need answers now - Which subjects should I choose for geology Watch

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So the obvious would be earth science and physics, because they seem most relevant. But along side my physics I have the option to do higher mathematics. Almost all universities agree a strong mathematical ability is important for study of natural sciences, Oxford won't even accept you without a-level maths. To do maths, I need to drop some units in physics or earth science. People initially think drop physics because it's not as relevant, or to just not do maths. But think about it, which is actually going to be more useful? The physics and mathematics is what's challenging to learn. Having knowledge of this means you won't struggle with the technical aspects of the geology. All my earth science course is teaching me are things like ecological succession and the composition of the atmosphere. You read that out of a book and you don't forget it, it's not a difficult abstract concept to get your head around. But if you go in without knowing physics and mathematics, are you equipped to do well on the course? I think universities will value physics and mathematics more than the earth science. Am I right?

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