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I want to study Danish at the University of Copenhagen and the official requirements are:

Danish A
English A
Another language A
History B
a GPA about 7.7

I'm doing IB1 in Poland and my subjects are:

Polish A1 HL
English B HL
German B HL
Chemistry SL
History SL
Math Studies

I have just started so I don't really know but I guess that I will get something between 32 and 35 points (although it can be much different). From what I see I pass the subject requirements (exept for Danish but I will take a test at the university) but I'm not sure how much is 7.7 in terms of IB scores. I've read it's about 32 points. Is true? And is it true that I will get my score increased by 1,08 if study directly after finishing high school? And finally - I was considering moving from Math Studies to SL just because I like Maths and want to challenge myself. Is it a good choice? However, then I risk getting fewer points so it may be a bigger problem for me to get in. It would be nice to get some kind of bonus points for taking a higher level maths than is required. Does anybody know whether this exist in Denmark and at the University of Copenhagen? Do universitites look good at taking subjects above requirements or at least compensate the loss in points or do not really care that you got fewer points because of your ambitions?
I would really like to move to SL. I like Maths and am bored at Studies. However I'm still not that good at it and risk getting fewer points.
Thanks in advance

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