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Hi, I am an 18 year old female with a normal active lifestyle. I am slightly over weight but nothing too serious. I am not diabetic or have high blood cholesterol or any other medical condition (as far as I know).

however over the course of the last year Ive been having quite severe chest pains on and off, during the day etc. they would last for a couple of minutes and then go away. Around 4 months ago I visited my local GP and they run a couple of tests. However the results said everything was fine and the pain was due to stress. I was given therapy and my situation at home and school got better and the pains stopped.

Now, since my visit to my GP my, during the day pains, have gone completely. But at night when lying down and sleeping these pains occur at least 5 times a night. This pain is as if someone is standing on top of my vhest and I find it difficult to breathe for a couple of seconds and It goes away when I sit upright. Basically this happens everytime I move when sleeping. It hurts if I lie on either one of my sides.

I have withstanded the pain for months now because I have simply dismissed it as being a stress pain. But so far school has been fine and my family situatuion has been fine. So if it were stress, I dont know what the cause would be, I am genuinely concered and will be visiting my GP this tuesday. Does anyone have any possible causes of this??
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It can be from your back and the treatment could be very easy. I don't know if you do some sport, but sitting for a long time, bending your back inappropriately... are all causes for back pain which can spread to other parts of the body, as the chest.

Have you ever considered visiting a chiropractor? Pressing on your back and cracking the blocked vertebrae can relieve the tension and make you feel much better. Ask your doctor about it :rolleyes:

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