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Age: 16, (both)

At a college, really liked this girl since I met her at college. We hung around in the same area, and eventually she came over during a free, saying she didn't know anyone and asked she could hang with me (my friends).

After a couple weeks she declared us "best friends" and shortly after that put her number in my phone, while we were messing on each other's phones sending fun texts

Shortly after that she said she wanted to be my girlfriend, and of course I accepted. Then...we kissed and it became super awkward, I felt the kiss was awkward, but since then she has said since the kiss she no longer "really likes me", like she did before.

Now I am stuck because I still really like her, but she doesn't seem to like me anymore. What should I do?
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Maybe you should try get to know her and make sure you are comfortable around her before you take anything further.

Rushing it will only make it more awkward - try to speak to her as much as you can rather than texting her etc.

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