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Couple yrs ago I had a falling out with my best friend, and his friends who were also my friends took his side and no longer wanted to know me.

This sort of ruined my happiness at 6th form then I failed but am resitting the yr at a New HUGE 6th form I've met so many people also I know tonnes of people through volunteering & programes I been on met great people, am very friendly and get along well with most people & make effort to keep intouch although they live far.

I cud really do with a local good friend because sometimes I just need someone to talk to and support me, or even hang out with.

How do you make a good friend ? rather than getting along as sixth form mates (I go into a low on weekends cus am bord n lonely and only study waiting to go 6th form)

Btw am friendly, playful, very talkative, good conversationalist, good listener, confident, wise, give good advice, always positive and enthusiastic infront of people, real nice hard working guy is the impression I give. (don't see why I can't make close friends)
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talk to people in lessons

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