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Hi all, I'm hoping to study Mathematics or Mathematics & Statistics at University next year, and I'm wondering where specifically I should apply to. I live in the North West but I'd like to move away, perhaps to a uni in London, Leeds or maybe just Liverpool or Manchester which are not far away from me at all. In AS I got a B in Stats (just shy of an A), B in German, and a very disappointing C in Maths, despite getting an A in Core 1. I can definitely do a lot better than this, as I was consistently getting As and the odd B in Core 2 and Decision 1. In Statistics 1 I got 88/100 and I must take this exam again as it's involved in the AQA maths course, which perhaps is an advantage to show I'm capable of getting an A in maths. Because of my C grade, I can only be predicted a B in maths but they know I can go one better. Also, I very nearly achieved an A* at GCSE. My GCSE results were 3A's, 8B's. My personal statement is very well written from what teachers & other students have said which could help determine my place at University. I'd like to apply for an AAB uni, not sure about an AAA. Can I receive advice on where to apply to? Kind regards.

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