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    An agricultural chemical company wishes to produce a plant food that is created by blending
    two existing foods with water. The resulting product thus contains x1% plant food 1, x2%
    plant food 2 and the rest water. Plant food 1 contains 5g of nutrient A, 10g of nutrient B and
    5g of nutrient C per 100g and costs $2 per 100g. Plant food 2 contains 10g of nutrient A, 5g
    of nutrient B and no nutrient C per 100g and also costs $2 per 100g. The blended plant food
    must contain at least 5g of nutrient A, at least 7g of nutrient B and at least 1g of nutrient C
    per 100g. You may assume that water is free and contains no nutrients.
    -----Using all the above information, formulate the problem of finding the cheapest acceptable plant food as a linear programming problem. (DON'T INCLUDE WATER)
    ----Draw the constraints for this problem and solve the problem graphically.
    State the augmented problem and use the Simplex method to conrm your graphical answer.
    ----- Give the percentages of plant food 1, plant food 2 and water in your blended plant food and the cost for 1g.
    ----- If the rm can sell 200g packets of plant food for $5 each, how many must they sell to make a prot of over $100?

    Help appreciated

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Updated: November 19, 2013

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