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    Hey (Bare with me),

    So I've recently become mates with someone (about a month) and to be fair we get on pretty well , have banter, have a laugh etc.. but lately they've been acting really weird. One minute she's hugging me and buying my flowers (I was a bit like eh? ) and the next she's giving one word answers and giving me the cold shoulder.

    Now when we first met, I let her know abit of my past because she asked after she told me about her past, so I told her I had previously had a bf, but it was complicated as I ended up falling in love with a female and the "Bf" was actually into guys. So we were more friends with labels and absolutely NO benefits haha. Anyway I explained a bit about me making a decision to work on my myself and I cut alot of the negative stuff out of my life that was pulling me down ect.. including people, and stuffage. I told her the past is the past. I have no interest in relationships and stuff. blah blah.

    SO we were cool, joking having a laugh and then she wanted me to wear her rings, she said for friendship. I was a bit like errmmm, but I said ok. So i wore them for a while and then I would wear them every other day. Then one day she got angry/ stormed off and then when I seen her again she said shes sorry, and she was upset that I wasn't wearing her rings, she loves me ect.. am I ok? etc.. so I was like yeah i'm cool, I'll wear them sorry.

    Then she started to act weird. If I seen her in town with her mates she would give that look of "oh no" and we would awkwardly say hi/bye and then the next day she would be hugging me and stuff. We would hang out and eat. Then the next day she would just reply with one word answers and be offish, leave without saying bye, acting funny. I started to realise I was the only one messaging her so I stopped. This upset her (she told me). But then she started messaging me.

    Then one day a mutual friend of ours asked if I could ring her to see if she wanted to come somewhere, so I rang and asked her what she was up to & if she wanted to come hang out with us. She said why and I said i dunno we're just hanging out, and she replied quote " Why? So I can just stand there and be your sideman? blah blah blah" Like what? SO i said no , theres 19 of us, itll be fun, and she was like no so I said cool. Then she goes "You scare me", I was like what why? and she just trailed of with i dunno. We spoke a bit more and I said see you tomorrow.

    So the next day i just said hi and left it, we were in the same place but I was busy and she spoke to others. We were cool. The next few days and stuff we had a laugh, banter. she randomly brought me rose when everyone had left and we hung out for abit, until i got interrupted by someone I knew and she left (It was late). Then yesterday she literally stormed off. I seen her said hi (she was waiting by where my stuff was), we hugged, I was joking with her. We spoke abit, I touched her hat and she stormed off. Childish i know. She didn't reply to my messages for a few hours, and then asked why she had missed calls off people. I just said they wanted to see if u were ok, ru?, she replied with ok. So I said ring me. She rang and was giving one word answers. I said wuu2 tomorrow, she said she was busy looking for work, I said cool. I asked if she wanted to come somewhere with us all, she was just like why? I was like no reason.

    I seen her today with her mates and she literally gave that look oh no. I was with my friend so we just awkwardly said hi and bye. Am i right, is she being hot and cold? this is so confusing. & btw she's straight + She knows i wouldnt be intrested in her in that way, so I dont get why shes acting weird... what do you think?

    Sorry its long

    Hey, as far as I know friendships don't really work with roses and rings. This girl is interested in you. I think it's pretty obvious. Her being straight might be the exact reason that she is so confused. I know it's a hard thing to do but I really do think you should consider talking with her. If you can't maybe send her signals that you are just friends. And be open for example when she said the wingman stuff you should have said that you are her friend and that's what friend do HANG OUT. Well I know it's hard but honesty helps. Hope this clears your mind.
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