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Hello everyone!
I really like 6 universities and, as you know, I have to choose 5, so I would really appreciate some help. I do not live in the UK, so I can`t visit them and I don`t have friends who study in England, so no help there
I `ve chosen English in UCL, Durham, Nottingham, Exeter, Royall Holloway and Birmingham. In your opinion, which of them is least good in Literature?
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I live in Birmingham, UK at the moment and I'm also applying for English Literature. I can't really talk about all of them, however I know a bit about Durham, Nottingham and Birmingham University.

First of all, be aware that there are two Birmingham Universities. There is the University of Birmingham and Birmingham City University. I'm assuming you want to apply to the first one.

What I have to say about that one is that their course consists a lot of Shakespeare and Medieval Literature, so if you're into that, then it's an extremely well respected university to go to. Their campus is simply beautiful, and they have a lot of pride and tradition in the things that they do. Birmingham is especially a good and resourceful city to be living in as well, considering it has many facilities such as the new library which has recently opened up - one of the biggest libraries in the world! It also has the German Market during Christmas, Birmingham Literature Festivals and other connections and links with those doing English.

As for Durham, it is currently the best university in the UK for studying English - in this case, I would definitely recommend it. As for Nottingham, I visited their open day this year, and it's a lovely campus as well. It's pretty big, a lot of people use bikes to get around on the campus, but overall it is also a really nice and good university to go to.

UCL would probably be the most competitive to get into considering it's in the capital. I mean, pretty much all of the universities you mentioned have high grade boundaries and very high competition, but if I had to choose two that would be the hardest to get into, it would be UCL and Birmingham. UCL (I think you are aware) is very expensive to live there. I don't really know about the opportunities they have in London, but it's very crowded and a very heavily packed city. Birmingham in some ways is better because it's not as expensive and you won't just blend in with everyone else. However, in London, it's harder to stand out as an individual, and their courses are harder as well.

Bear in mind that at the end of the day, you will be getting the same degree as any other university. Look for one which has a course you really love so you can get a first or 2:1 degree - some students have better chances depending on which university.

Don't just go for a university because of its name or reputation like I know many of my friends did!

If you have any questions about the UK, feel free to ask! I'll be happy to answer

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