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I'm in my A2 year and I'm still unsure about what I want to study at University.
I definitely want to go! I just have so many interests that I am getting stressed about what to chose.

I am very interested in human nature:
*I'm interested in why we do/say/think things and I would love to study behavioural psychology for that reason. I find people's motives fascinating and love little 'social experiments' where I do things to see how people will react and then try to work out why.
*Connected to that, I am interested in philosophy. I find the dilemmas of ethics really challenging and engaging to think about and thinking about what things mean when we reach a consensus in society and how we can use these ideas to form rules. I also, like everybody else, love pondering over life's big questions like what our existence means etc and I feel that it would be foolish not to study it at a deeper level. I am also really interested in aesthetics. I love art and music and would love to understand the philosophy behind beauty.

Aside from the human nature but related to aesthetics, I really, really love maths. It's elegant and creative and gets me really excited. I do have a natural aptitude for it but it can be so abstract. I think that this is what draws me to physics. It's mathematical but also tangible. In physics, you can learn about the word around you and the creation etc. It's pretty awesome to think about what you might learn in physics!

So, as you can see, I'm pretty stuck Any advice/help? Do I seem more suited/drawn to one of the subjects? Did anyone else here have similar problems and what did you do to get around them?
Thanks a lot!
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Maybe consider a join honours course like Physics and Philosophy. You probably won't be able to study everything you are interested in but it would cover a lot of it!

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