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So I'm applying for uni next year, (finished my A levels this year and am taking a year out).

I'm retaking exams at the end of the year but I'm not studying at my old college. However, my grades are still kind of pending because of this.

Now, on UCAS you need to put the start and end dates for your school. If I say I finished in May of this year, I wont be able to put my grades as pending, which will render my retakes useless. Is it okay if I put the date one year forward (to say I'm finishing in May/June of this year)

I'm saying this because UCAS has a message if I put May 2014, and I'm scared that they're trying to tell me I'm doing something crazy or illegal, and my application might get rejected if they find out.

"Warning: as you have entered a finish date which is in the future, these details must be for the school or college you are currently attending."

I just want to go to uni
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I was stuck with this too few days ago lol..
Basically you put all the grades you got on Aug 2013 with the dates (whenever you started - 2013)
Then You add the college again, but this time putting your attendance part time, and put the date as (the month when your exams are starting) to (the month of your last exam)
For example...
School name 05/13-06/13 part time
subject - pending etc..

School name (whenever you started) - 06/13 full time
subject - whatever you achieved in Aug 2013

If I am confusing you lol, you check this website out from UCAS;

where it states;
I'm resitting an A level through my school but I no longer study there. How do I enter this on my application?

  • You need to make sure your original A level result has been entered first.
  • If you're resitting the exams at your previous school/college, you then need to add the school/college a second time on your form. However, you just need to state your attendance dates as the dates between which you will be taking the resits – e.g. June 2014 to June 2014. You'd need to indicate that your attendance is part-time. You can then enter the A level as pending under the second entry for the school/college.

Hope I helped and good luck with your application

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Well, have you actually read the error message? If you had you'd realise you're worrying over nothing and this thread is pointless.

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