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I have a problem with my application and right now have no idea where to go next with it because I’m extremely tired by how I’m being told completely different thing by each of the advisors when I speak with them over the phone.

I have sent my application in June as a home student (since I was qualified as one on my first year) after two years of leave of absence. About three months later I’ve been told that I need to send ANOTHER application as “migrant worker”. I’ve spent over 40 minutes on the phone with the advisor, making sure if that’s what I need to do and after he consulted it with few other advisors I have filled yet another application and sent it to you at the beginning of the September. After that I have been asked for tons of different documents and proofs, which I did provide as requested. I’ve also called your advisors just to make sure if you have received all of my documents and after getting that confirmed I was certain it will go smooth from now on.

Recently (on Thursday 14/11/2013) I’ve called you to ask about my application and I have been told that it won’t be processed, because I should be classified as Home Student and that I need to send ANOTHER application or try to convince EU team (!) to transfer my application. Advisor left a note on my account, telling me to call on Friday morning so I can be transferred to EU Migrant Worker team to ask them personally to get my application and evidence sent back to department responsible for Home Students. I did as I’ve been told and Laura (advisor I’ve spoke with on Friday 15/11/2013) told me that EU team will contact me either on Friday or Monday, regarding when they will transfer my information back to Home Student team. She even checked if my phone number is correct, just in case.

Today I have called a bit concerned, since no one contacted me after all and Karen (advisor I’ve spoke with today – 18/11/2013) told me that EU team WILL NOT transfer my application since they are STILL PROCESSING it. When I’ve asked her why I’m being told completely different thing from what I’ve heard before the weekend, she told me that’s because EU team didn’t received all of my documents and thus they can’t make such decision and that they still are waiting for some of my documents. After five minutes of trying to convince her that my evidence is there, she checked the system and surprise – my last evidence has been received... on 14/11/2013! And that’s like the day when I’ve called to ask about my application... then she told me that before they even try to transfer it back to Home Student team it will take 4-6 weeks for them to process the application and then ANOTHER 4-6 weeks for Home student team to do it again...

As you can understand I’m extremely annoyed right now, because each advisor I have spoken with tells me different things and there is no accountability between them. I have already wasted more than 100 pounds on calls and post just to get to the point where my university requires from me my payments for my course and I have no resources to do that. I also have no evidence or confirmation whether I am eligible to anything and if my application is even being processed, so I have no means to deter the University from dropping me out on the grounds of not paying up my tuitions.
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear this, Can you direct message me your customer reference number ?


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