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Hi, I'm currently in my last year of secondary school, and thinking about universities (I know it's a bit early, but I like to be prepared!). I would like to go into the fashion journalism industry and I would like to study at the University Of Arts London.

The grades that I would like, and I will get are:

Maths : B
English (Lit) : B
English (Lang) : B
Science : C (Already done)
Additional Science: C/B
French : A* (Already done)
Spanish : A*
German : A/A* (Nearly completed)
Business Studies : B/A
History : A/A*
Drama : A
Speaking and Listening (English) : A
Religious Studies : A/A*

These are my target grades and the grades I am working at currently.

At college I will be taking: English Language, Media Studies, French and Spanish. (Are these good A-levels to take?) and hopefully I will get all A') (B's) in these.

Would these grades (+work experience and extensive knowledge of the fashion industry) be enough to get into the University Of Arts London for the Fashion Journalism course? And is the course good at UAL?

Thank you!
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Hi, I've applied for this course for the 2014 entry and have been doing lots of research around the course. The subjects you are doing seem perfect for the course, especially the languages. However my main advice would be to try your hardest now to get ANY kind of extra-curricular fashion or writing experiences, creating a blog and doing lots of wider reading into journalism and fashion in general. The thing with UAL is they don't focus on your subjects and grades as much, but more on what you do outside of school and how this contributes to fullfilling your dream career.

Hope this helps!
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Hi! your options at A-Levels are good! I'm being a bit picky here but if I were you, I'd study English Literature rather than Language, as it's both a facilitated course and it's predominantly what universities are looking for

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