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Hi! I have a Samsung S4 on contract on Three for £33 a month with unlimited data. There was no upfront cost at the time I got it.

I've had it since June and up until about a month ago, I've been using an iPhone 5s which I won. I originally thought it was a better phone but it isn't.

Because I changed my sim card from Micro SIM to nano SIM in the 3 store (so it'd fit in my iPhone 5s), I needed to change it back to a Micro SIM for it to fit back in the Samsung S4. So I went into Three and did that. They didn't swap the SIM over like last time but gave me some stupid adapter thing that I have to place the nano sim into to convert it to micro sim.

Basically, the stupid thing was too loose (I knew there'd be an issue), and the sim card came lose as I pushed in the adapter so it was just stuck half way into the sim card slot. I then stupidly pulled the sim card back out but noticed that some of the contacts built on the actual phone itself ripped upwards. I put the sim card back in the phone and now it says "No SIM"

So now i've got to go back to the stupid iPhone.

What do I do? Complain to Three and get a replacement? Take it to some phone store? (but i'd need to pay), or worst... get a new one!? or that new cheaper high-end Android phone... the Nexus 5 instead!?

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