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Hey TSR peoples,

One of my mates pointed me to TSR who currently goes to Uni in Worcester.

I'm 17 (think that's displayed on my profile) and quit college 2 months into starting...

I run my own company and blog (GodOfSEO.co) and do really well, but the industry that I work in - SEO changes all the time. I really, really like it and I'm pretty well known in the industry but I'm still a bit nervous that one day all the stuff I've been writing about might completely change and as I only have my GCSEs (which because I used to mess around with computers and get in trouble on them) I messed up as well so I now only have 7 GCSEs.

Just looking for some advice really on if I should look at doing some kind of A Level though it'd more than likely take up a lot of my time I spend on my company side of things and loose me money.

- Charlie

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