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I need to take a few companies to Small Claims Court. If you can write the summonses for these 6 cases I can pay you £20 or exchange with my help in ANYTHING computer related, (making webistes, blogs, dating) Oxford Engineering graduate, and my brother has a PA who can do just about anything administrative for you in return! You can literally ask her to type 20 pages of text or 2 hours of dictation whatever! :-) So here goes

1. Thomson. I bought a ticket from Bristol-Orlando leaving 9am, spent the night at a hostel in Bristol (as I live in EXeter) so I could make the 9am flight as there wewre no trains that would arrive on time. I checked in at 7am. After going through security, the flight information screen said it
was delayed until 12:30 PM.I spoke with a Thomson employee, who informed me boarding starts half an hour before the departure time, and would be from 12 to
12:20 PM. She advised me to return to the gate between 12 to 12:15 PM.

When I looked at the flight information board at 10:50, the flight was still not boarding. At 11:30, I looked at the flight information boards, and they said
"boarding gate 15". Hence, I made my way towards gate 15, which is
approximately 10-15 minute walk. As I have arthritis in my knee I walk
quite slowly, however walked as fast as I could. At 11:39, I was
informed the flight was closed and had already departed.

This was almost ONE HOUR before the scheduled departure time. Even after the flight had already departed , the flight information boards still said the flight would leave at 12:30.

As a consequence, I had to spend a further 2 hours in the airport
attempting to get my luggage returned, and speaking to Thomson about
an alternate flight.

I spent 7 hours on various phone lines with various depts within Thomson, and everyone said that it was my fault for missing the flight EVEN THOUGH the electronic boards did not display the earlier time. I was within the airport the entire time (I dont have a car!)

I was told to buy an alternate flight on Saturday from Manchester for an

additional £150, but would have to return on my original date. I
considered this option, and spent another hour attempting to arrange
plans, however a one-way train ticket to Manchester cost £121.40. In
addition, it was a six hour trip, so I would have to pay for a hotel
as well. The cheapest hotel near the airport was £90 for that night.

So in total I would have to spend £400 and 4 days travelling to spend
3 days in Florida, in addition to loosing my original car rental, tour, and hotel bookings, which I couldnt afford. The loss was over £1200 so it seemed better to get an alternate flight.

I spent another 16 hours looking for alternate flights, and another 3 calling hotels, tour opertaors, car rentals trying to rearrange, cancel and get quotes. Something like 24 hours was spent on admin because the flight had taken off early.

I finally went with a thomson flight but had to buy a connecting flight to manchester on saturday. That added £250. The hotel/car rental would not refund me at all and took it as a cancellation.

I had travel insurance but they would not cover it as Thomson deemed it as a 'missed flight'. My hotel agreed not to charge me in full if I stayed the full term (7 days) so I purchased an additional return flight with Thomson for £150. Again this was only released 24 hours prior to the flight departure date so I had the stress of not knowing if I would be stranded in Florida. Can I take them to small claims for this? plus the 24 hours of admin and 5 hours trying to call them and speaking to people who have no supervisors, no pwer to do or authorise anything except take money???
I caleld every number they provdie and more to no avail, and cant believe they treat people like this.

2. Easyjet: In 2010: I checked in, but flight took off 10 mins prior to scheduled departure time. So me and 6 others were left stranded. They made me pay £50 for a SEPARATE flight on a different day from another airport (think it was london), I live in exeter. My original flight was bristol.

This was 2.5 years ago. Repeated emails were ignored. I took them to Small Claims 2 years ago, they investigated and admitted liability, and asked for 'proof of quantum' ie my hotel cancellation, airport coach etc that were paid for. I sent them this numerous times but no reponse for a year. The last 20 emails no reponse, and then after threatening court again I recived this:

"Dear Mr Oommen

I write further to your previous correspondences in this matter.

I have now received the case file from Archive and have review the matter.

The last correspondence in this matter was the fact that liability was admitted however the issue of quantum was outstanding and remains so as no evidence of the quantum was received.

Further to this, there was a court order dismissing the matter and as such the file was closed."

My qs. Can I reopen the case? Or start a new one? Can I add to Small claims for the 20-30 hours I spent trying to chase them up, transfer between different airports, lost wages for traveling home and back again? Expenses for travelling to bristol, then again to london from exeter etc? (Exeter Uni student during term time)

3. Carter Jonas
Moved out of a a flat in 2009. Was charged for things like cleaning, new mattress etc though it was spotless, 4 ofus cleaned for 6 hours. Have testimony of that, and took pictures.

They charged for a new mattress and cleaning almost £1000. I disputed this it went on for a year, with no setlement. I was waiting for a repy, and when i wrote a few months ago they said the person no longer works there and theyre not willing to discuss it further. Can I take them to court for this?

3. Fulfords
I saw a 2 bed flat to rent in oct 2011. I still live here. We were told it was furished, with white goods, ie. washer dryer fridge freezer etc. The flat had tenants in and all these things when we saw it. There were others there. I signed a contract and when I moved in I found there was no furniture whatsoever, no fridge freezer or washing machine! The flat was bare with electrics stripped! I spent over a £1000 to furnish it.

4. Avis
Charged me for damage to a wheel, hardly visible though it was there before. I took a photo.

5. Holidayautos.
I bokoed a car rental, after realised it charged me £50 extra they said that was due to an error on thier site, the page had not compleetely loaded. I spent 3 months writing and we reached a stalemate.

Three and TalkTalk:
I signed 2 year contracts with both. Numerous complaints and requesting release from contracts to no avail, so I kept paying them as I didnt want baliffs. I paid three since june without making a single phonecall, talktalk since december last year with the same.

Now that my contract has expired I have cancelled. Can I now take them to small claims court?
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Christ, you have a lot of bad luck!

I hope it all goes better for you.
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Bloody hell you've been unlucky!

Could you get advice from CAB in first instance? They often have lawyers attached doing probono work? They may be at least able to tell you whether some of the cases are worth taking to scc?

With the missed departure could you go to the insurance ombudsman? It would seem to me (a non lawyer tho! ) that the key issue is around the changed time?

Do you have any evidence that the later 1230 departure was advertised? Was there another announcement, as how did other people not miss it for example?

I completely understand your frustration with mobile phone companies - I took legal advice for a ridiculously long- winded hassle I had against orange (6 months! grrr!). I eventually 'won' without court action but my it ate up time!! My complaint; never had any service could make no calls/texts - I lived in rural Devon, despite them assuring me was ok. They refused to let me out of 'contract', advising me they would accept a reduced 20£ monthly fees!! Outrageous! I was advised to not pay-advise them they were in breach and basically call their bluff - it did feel a bit scary in face of their bully boy tactics. I could not pay 500£ for a service they didn't provide. They did release me and did repay the first 6 months +50£ for inconvenience - derisory as it had taken hours of my time!

Have you tried a final letter to both companies detailing your complaints - give them a final chance to reimburse plus your inconvenience?

Do you actually need someone to draft it for scc anyway? Thought it was supposed to be straightforward?

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You remind me of the guy on House (I think) that sued all the hospitals he visited, and then none of them would let him back in again.
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Unlucky.. Hope you get all the help you need mate!

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