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Hi! I'm currently about to apply for Secondary English PGCE/Schools Direct courses, and am considering Nottingham as my main choice. My reasons rely largely on the location - it is close to my boyfriend's family in Lincoln and not grossly far from my own in London/Kent. I am drawn to the midlands after living in both the south and the high north, and so would be happy to teach in the nearby areas once I have QTS.

I know very little about Nottingham, and although I have read through most of the threads here already, still have a few questions/worries that could do with a bit of reassuring!

How is the city vibe? I studied in London for two years and, as a countryside child, wouldn't like to spend much more time there past visits. Lancaster is perfect for me; it's fairly small yet doesn't feel like a town, it is historic, diverse enough, with a great mix of shops and activities. I know Notts won't be too similar due to the size differences, but would love to be told it still has a more intimate or familiar feel to it than London!

I plan to get a room in the city, as the majority of my time will be spent in schools rather than studying on campus. Are there particular areas of the city more suited to this kind of lifestyle? I would be likely using bus transport, unless a car finds its way to me somehow, and so am curious about the costs of bus passes - in Lancaster I had to pay a huge sum last year just to use the bus for 20 minutes a few days a week.

Does anyone know anything about local animal rescues and sanctuaries? I am heavily involved with mine here in the north and would be eager to resume volunteering after graduating here.

I am sure there are more questions that just aren't coming to me yet. I am not bothered about the hype behind the Nottingham crime.

If anyone has completed, is considering, or is currently undertaking a secondary PGCE, English or otherwise, I would love to pick your brain or share worries with you.

Thank you!
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hey there, I am currently studying in Nottingham and planning on continuing to study here for a pgce in English. Nottingham sounds like the kind of city you would like from what you have said. It feels much more of a community than other cities, more intimate than London by far. In my opinion its an attractive little city. There is a great young student community and a lot of culture, lovely independent shops and a great music scene.

There is an animal shelter just outside of town that my friend used to volunteer at, i've looked into volunteering there myself and its just a short bus ride out of the city.

As for crime though I know you don't care I just thought I'd mention that I have never experienced any despite the reputation, I actually feel really safe everywhere I go. I live in the city centre and get the bus to campus most days, the bus links in Nottingham are excellent. I don't actually have a bus pass but pay just £1 for the bus when I show my student card.

I hope this has been helpful, feel free to ask me anymore questions! I know the city like the back of my hand.

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