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Hi all, I apologise if this is in the wrong sub-forum and could a mod move it if it is?

I am about to finish my GCSE's (year 11) and have applied to go to my secondary school's sixth form. I ultimately want to do a sport science course at a respected uni. The sixth form offers everything I want (maths, physics, geography and BTEC sport level 3). I have the grades but the interview process has already begun. I'm worried that my school will run out of places before my interview even takes place (9th of December). Last year they said they ran out of places and even though they wanted to give kids places, they didn't have space.

So obviously, I'm looking at colleges. Birmingham uni says they require either AAB or higher or a BTEC Sport distinction and an A level course with a grade B or higher. I can't find a college in my area that offers BTEC's along side A levels. (You can apply for BTECs or A levels, but not together).

Do I have any other options that I don't see? I'm worried that if I don't get into sixth form, I'm not going to be able to go to a good uni. Sorry for the long post!
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Hello Lew.

It's been a while since you posted and you haven't had a reply so I am bumping this thread. I hope you receive an answer soon.


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