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bob marley123
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There was a debate in class over a CISC question today. Hopefully someone out there can help and explain:

Question: Which of the following is not an advantage of a CISC architecture?

1) Rich variety of dressing modes to aid the programmer

2) Variable instructions lengths to optimise code density

3) Specialist instructions that can be optimized in hardware

4) Specialist instructions to aid the programmer in common tasks

5) Fixed-length, regular format instructions

Thanks in advance,

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I think the answer an examiner would expect is 5. I say that because that one would make it less complicated.

In reality, the whole RISC vs. CISC thing is pretty outdated. It's not a meaningful distinction when it comes to most modern CPU architectures. I expect your textbook will tell you that the x86 instruction set is CISC, which is only vaguely correct these days. Also several of the supposed advantages of a CISC instruction set are no longer advantages, or actually disadvantages.

I could go into more detail if you're interested, but with a question like that, I assume whatever course you're doing doesn't expect you to do much more than parrot the "correct" answer. Sorry, I'm quite cynical about ICT/Computing courses . At least before degree level.

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