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I've been pretty much 100% set on applying to do primary ed courses at uni but i dont quite meet the entry requirements for any really because i only have grades AAB at Scottish Higher when some are asking for AABB etc. I do however have lots of work experience but i also know how competitive primary ed is and my year head thinks i should have a back up plan which is probably a good thing to have because originally i was going to apply to 5 education courses but now i'm not so sure... I dont mind saying that i'm pretty good at art, got an A at higher and now doing advanced H so i'm considering applying to maybe 2 design courses? The thing is i'm onto my 3rd draft of my personal statement and the school UCAS deadline is literally in like 3 weeks. atm my personal statement is obviously heavily directed to primary ed like i mention becoming a teacher etc a lot so have no idea how i could add in the art element without it looking like i'm randomly applying to do art aswell or by taking out all the primary ed stuff i dont want it to look like i'm not interested in that. Having such a dilema on what to do because i know the personal statement should be tailored to your course but my is so biased to one any guidance or personal experiences would be very much appreciated as i'm in a state of worry haha
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It won't be possible to write a statement that adequately covers both primary education and art adequately. It will also make you look like you are not commited to either course- which means you are likely to get five rejections.

If you are set on primary ed, and only just short of the grade requirements, it may be worth a few risky applications. Are there no universities at all asking for lower grades?

Have you looked at the selection process for fine art degrees? Most places will be more interested in your portfolio than your grades, and it is usual for applicants to take an art foundation course to build this up.

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