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Hi guys, so im currently doing all three sciences and maths, im in year 12 and atm im really hate doing physics. Its not that i hate the subject, but rather im really worried about getting a bad mark when the exam comes. I look through the revision guide for edexcel as physics, and all i see is tons of information that really hasn't been covered and seems like it has been brushed over during lessons. I've been doing lots of revision but i cant get the hang of it for some reason. I have no clue how good im doing, even though i did get full marks and a test a while ago, but that was long ago and i have no clue atm as to whether im on track. Im just worried about how well im going to do and want to pre emptively stop any future mishaps by dropping the subject.

Should i talk to the physics teacher about this, or would he be annoyed that im considering dropping the subject.

I want to do medicine in the future, so will i be penalised for only doing three AS subjects, compared to four? Im doing pretty well on my other subjects (maths, biology and chemistry) so hopefully Unis will look at quality or quantity?
Please help guys im confused.
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I would try and keep going and do it just for AS and drop it for A2. I have just dropped it at A2 as I had kept all four the same subjects as you. When I dropped it I double checked what the uni's were after and it is best to do 4 at AS. Some said they would accept 3 but only if they received confirmation from your school/college that it was their policy to only allow students to do 3 A Levels.
Hope that helps :-)

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