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I would really like to be a music journalist however I understand that this is a competitive area and I wouldn't mind being a normal journalist.

English Literature is an A-Level I will be definitely taking as it's required for many journalism degrees and whilst I understand it's a big step up from GCSE, I currently enjoy the subject and always have enjoyed reading. I'll also definitely take media as it'll help me out with my aspiration of becoming a journalism or at least offer me an insight (I hope).

However, I'm not 100% sure on the other two I'd like to take. I've also considered politics but can anybody tell me about this course? Will it be any help for me in a journalistic career? I have also thought about photography, whilst I understand this probably won't be any help to me, it'll be nice to have a subject which isn't essay based.

Saying this, is there anything which would help towards a career in music journalism? I mean, I'm not the type to actually play an instrument or whatever, I just really enjoy listening, reading about and discussing pop music in my spare time.

I'm not really sure what else I can add but if anyone can offer me any advice or tell me about any of these courses then I'll be very grateful! Thank you in advance
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i would have thought that music alevel would be a must.....i do music gcse ...its awful and could not even imagine picking it for alevel the thought sickens me lol

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