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All I seem to have in my wardrobe in terms of bottoms (excluding skirts) are plain black leggings, velvety black leggings, black jeans and a pair of khaki jeggings that don't actually fit me anymore.

I've had coloured jeans in the past but never really wore them. Black is obviously slimming so I naturally go for what I know works as I have a large thigh/hip to height ratio, if that makes sense. But I'm sick of black! Any suggestions?

I like these..
but I bought some tan knee high boots recently and really want something that would go well with those. Does burgundy and tan work? :/
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They are so cute! Do itt! I'd probably wear a lightish top - white/cream blouse with it though, otherwise it won't really be...balanced if that makes sense? Can always stick a black leather jacket on top, or khaki jackets go with everything!

It's kinda hard to go from black jeans to light blue if you are concious of the slimming thing - I have a gorgeous pair of navy blue jeans from new look, think they are like £12.99? They are the super soft skinny range, and they are just a little bit blue-er then black, nice way to ease your self out of the black jeans faze!

Try to avoid any crazy patterns on your bottom half - they will just draw attention to your hips/legs, although the treggings you picked out are perfect, so I guess you know what you'll be comfortable with


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