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So there is this chappie named Robert Lanza, MD etc. etc. who has come up with a biocentric theory that focuses on biology being the most fundamental driving forces in the universes, while other sciences are just reliant on it. A website has been made specifically for the theme, which is being offered as a new concept in science and (particularly) quantum physics. There is a lot of novelty in its approach, for it disregards time as an animal intuition and predicts multiverses (search for multiverses on wikipedia). It also considers space and time simply as constructs of the mind. Here is the main agenda it proposes (taken from the original website):
"Biocentric Take on the Cosmos:
There’s no separate physical universe outside of life and consciousness. Nothing is real that isn’t perceived. There was never a time when an external, dumb, physical universe existed, or that life sprang randomly from it at a later date. Space and time exist only as constructs of the mind. Experiments in which the observer influences the outcome are easily explainable by the interrelatedness of consciousness and the physical universe. Neither nature nor mind are unreal, both are correlative. No position is taken regarding God."

Now what do you guys think about this? It was first theorized in the article which I quote below:

I'd like to hear some views and reviews on it.
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