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I am really passionate about studying the effects of food on the human body, it's something that has always fascinated me from a very young age. I am now studying an Access to Science course at the grand old age of 24 and will be applying to university soon.

I was initially thinking of becoming a dietician, but I really want to work in other countries during my life. I assume that opportunities for overseas work as a dietician are not as great as for food scientists. So I decided upon Food Science.

Now I am just wondering if Food Science is really what I want? Will I learn and understand the effects of food on the human body? Are there opportunities for overseas work as dieticians? I am slightly concerned that Food Science will just resolve about the production of food, and I will not gain the knowledge about the human body that is the main motivation for my studies.

Sorry for the long post, I appreciate your reading, and any input for any source is greatly valued.
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Im not sure about degree level but during A level food technology the food science was about the actual science of the food e.g protein structures, gelatinization process etc, not so much the effect it has on the body... apart from the basics like obesity
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I would say Dietetics would be more suitable if it the impact on the human body which interests you most. Another advantage is the Dietetics degrees are usually NHS funded and Food Science wouldn't be. I went to the Open Day at Plymouth recently as I have applied to study Dietetics there in 2014 and the lecturer talked a little bit about opportunities working abroad and said in countries like New Zealand, Canada, Australia and America a British Dietetic degree is highly regarded and you could work in those countries as a Dietitian, there is usually a test or exam which you take to prove you are competent to practice.

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