anyone else find daily life reall dificult? Watch

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i find it so hard to wake up in the morning and if i wake up on time i fall back asleep so i have missed so many or been late for a lot of lectures
im behind on coursework even though its the first term/assignments and now im worried that ill get thrown out of uni

my room is really messy i ind it difficult to keep it clean and it really frustrates me

im really bad at looking after myself i dont eat properly i only have one meal a day or sometimes i just have a few biscuits throughout the day or something like that , and im often deyhydrated and havent done my washing

im quite a quiet person and find it difficult to think of things to say to people and everyone i have met pretty much , has told me "your so quiet" which makes me focus on it so much -
i feel really worried about awkward silences/ uncomfortable social situations , i havent really made friends , its like im unable to , i have tried but i cant say enough so everyone just makes freinds with everyone else
and im to uncomftable to approach people i feel like i have nothin to say/ they may think why is she talking to me? , so it could end up in an awkward encounter

iv spent up to two whole days feeling really rubbish , like i had given up on bothering to try to talk to anyone and feeling depressed and going insane just worrying all the time

there was a time i diddnt understand how to do a peice of work . so as i was walking home i couldnt stop myself from crying so i went and cried on a pub toilet cubicle floor, cos i thought i would fail my a-levels and that i had ruined my whole life and would have to become a prostitute so that i could afford to move out of my parents house!!

if i spend too much time on my own i start to feel like im going insane with worry, i become really ridiculous and worry things out of proportion or become really depressed , but after spending some time with other people i can feel better .

its also like i have become really stupid and get confused so easily for example if people give me directions to get from one classroom to another i spend ages walking around and then cos i cant find it i get upset so go and cry in the toilets , and when i tell people i couldnt find it they are shocked because they did it so easily!

And i was looking at the clock the other day and it said 17:09 so i thought this meant that it was 9 minutes to six ! i was convinced and couldnt see where i went wrong! i often give people the wrong change in shops or on the bus too , i just add things up wrong

its like my brain isnt working properly and im like a zombie sometimes i look at myself in the mirror and my eyes look dull and i actually look like a zombie as well as feel like one , some times my day feels like a struggle when its actually such a normal day and everyone else copes just fine

is anyone else like this , what do you think is wrong with me what can i do?
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Yeah, but I suffer severe depression and borderline personality which has left me with memories of a history I have to relive every single day so I've learnt to force myself to get through every day because I have no choice. At the same time, I go through every day fearing that history will repeat itself. I know that the sad and stressful things I experience now are nothing compared to what I experienced at the lowest point of my life so far so that makes things - dare I say it - "easier" to get on with.

As for you, speak to your GP about everything you've written here. If they're able to diagnose you then speak to your tutor or someone of authority in your uni and see if you can get extra help or something. No one on TSR is in a position where they can give you a diagnosis. If your GP is unable to give you a diagnosis, then still speak to the appropriate person in your uni and tell them everything you told TSR. They should be understanding and should be able to help you or possibly give you an extension on your deadlines if they believe they have good reason to.

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