Anybody gone about getting work experience for Architecture???? Watch

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So I've started year 12 and I'm taking; Fine Art, History, Physics and Mathematics. And as you probably guessed I want to study architecture at university. I know for your UCAS app. it shows your serious about the profession if you've had a work placement.

If anyone who's in the same position could advice me on going about getting a placement. I've made a list of architecture firms I'd like to approach, written up a CV.. just a bit unsure of how to go about a correspondance.
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I'm in year 13 now and I was in the same position as you (before I carry on I hope I dont come across to be discouraging!)
I basically applied from before Christmas, skipped January for concentration for exams then then resumed February-May.. I applied to every single firm I could get a contact for in my area, in all ways possible and every one of them either lead me on, ignored me, or simply declined.. Depending on where you live in it might be better if say, by February you still can't find a firm that'll accept you, to consider going on architectural summer courses or firms that are outside of your city-obviously dependant on how much you're willing to shell out for work experience. Finding work experience at our level now is ridiculously hard, never mind the undergrads you'll be competing against! Firms see work experience people less of a benefactor to be honest because realistically you'll need to be there for 2 weeks+ to get something amazing from the experience. So I'd suggest going on architecture based courses if that's the career you intend to have good luck!

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